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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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stable condition. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. a record breaking snowstorm bearing down on the nation's midsection tonight bringing heavy snow, high wind, knocking out power to thousands. the rest of us could see some cold wet weather tomorrow. let's start off the news edge with sue palka in the weather center. >> those pictures from wichita, february is probably the snowiest month ever for kansas and yes, that system will affect us tomorrow not with snow for most of us, although there could be a little ice in the mountains. it's rain primarily tomorrow afternoon. let me show you where the system is now. you can see it continuing to produce blizzard conditions for parts of oklahoma, kansas and missouri. then it transitions into heavy rain and thunderstorms down to the southeast. we've got some high clouds that will come in overnight. most of this rain will hold off for the metro area until late morning to early afternoon. i think that rain could be heavy at times. the system producing the snow
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will weaken and a new storm will form close enough to the atlantic ocean it pulls in heavy rain and as that transition is taking place maybe even a rumble of thunder for us as the new storm takes over. here's what you should expect tomorrow. it's mostly a wet evening commute. it may be heavy enough to cause some flooding of small streams and creeks. at 8 a.m. if we see anything, it would be very spotty and a light mix to our west. our temperature here locally 35, 43 at noon with showers developing and chilly rain at 4:00, temperature 41. more on that forecast and any other rain chances a bit later. a man accused of killing a high school student is behind bars. 18-year-old marckel ross gunned down last september walking to school in capitol heights. 20-year-old travon bennett has been charged with the murder. ross was killed during an attempted robbery. ross was one of six prince george's county students killed this school year.
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tonight neighbors and parents gathered to mourn and ask police for help. fox 5's lauren demarco has the story. >> police say some of the deadly violence stems from gang issues, robbery also a motive. the key is preventing it. so what can be done? radio one hosted a state of emergency meeting at suitland recreation center so that prince george's county officials could unite with the people they serve and try to come up with answers. >> children are dropping out of school. >> top prince george's county leaders and law enforcement spoke at the town hall style meeting attended by about 200 concerned residents. >> our children are our responsibility and i mean as a community. >> state's attorney angela alsobrooks says there are too many children dropping out of school. representatives from mentoring group highlighted the need for male role models asking men to stand up and take responsibility for their children. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> some in the crowd took to their feet in a literal show of support. since the start of the school
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year six public school students have been killed in separate incidents. >> the gun violence has to stop. the guns have to get off the street. these innocent children are being taken for no reason. >> erica proctor's son was shot and killed one year ago just a few blocks from where 15-year- old suitland high school student charles walker jr. was gunned down just last week. proctor is hoping the community can stick together to stop this trend of violence. >> i think it's starting at home because you have a lot of these parents that are young raising these kids. >> police can't be everywhere and some community members are encouraging neighbors to step up and help tell police if they see something. >> when it comes to people doing something wrong and we're all afraid to get involved and when you don't become involved, you're part of it. >> police chief mark magaw says the number of tips coming into the crime solvers hotline was up 300% last week and police plan to expand the program into
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the school system. >> basically just a website they would go to, still anonymous but kids in the school have a lot of information. that's where the school resource officer is so important for us to build relationships in the school. that's what they do every day. >> council member karen tolls says the county is also working to make a difference. >> we'll be making a plan to have action. we can have all the meetings we want, but we want action and you will see action. >> they'll be meeting tomorrow. of the six students killed two cases remain open. those are amber stan and aaron kidd. -- stanley and aaron kidd. investigators are close to making arrests. anyone with information should come forward. the four cases closed were all solved with tips from the community. the search continues for a suspect wanted in the connection of a murder with an elderly couple in virginia. deputies handed out flyers in
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fauquier county asking if anyone has seen 59-year-old john wesley jeffries believed to have beaten 84-year-old nelson slack and his 74-year- old wifette nell their home saturday. friends knew something was wrong when the couple didn't show up for church. they say the crime has shaken their community. >> quite a shock. you don't expect that to happen in your community. it's always down the road somewhere. >> jeffries is wanted in spotsylvania county for an caught case last month where he was charged with abduction. he's currently listed on virginia's sex offender registry. the man convicted for trying to assassinate president reagan back in court today to see if he should continue living in a mental institution. lawyers for john hinckley say he's spent too much time at washington's st. elizabeth's hospital. his lawyers want to expand his privileges. he's been allowed 10 day visits at his mother's home in virginia. they believe he should spend
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more time there. the countdown to spending cuts is on. congress has just over three days to reach a deal with the white house to avoid $85 billion in across the board cuts. these could affect every state and the district of columbia, impacting the military, teachers, schools, public health. today one local lawmaker got a small taste of the frustration and anger over the looming sequestration cuts. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has that story. >> reporter: tim adams -- tim adams says his company is already being hurt by sequestration which runs training programs for the military. with only 350 workers the company may have to furlough or lay off staff if automatic budget cuts hit friday. >> we have to make those cuts now. we can't make up for it later. >> reporter: sequestration will dig deep into maryland's economy. consider this. there are 60 federal agencies located in this state, 17
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military installations and in all of maryland's workforce it's made up of 60% of federal workers. >> what we're doing now are self-inflicted wounds. >> reporter: maryland senator ben cardin huddled with prince george's county business owners. >> i will not be able to add more employees in the workforce. >> reporter: they are worried about what $85 billion in across the board federal cuts will do to jobs in this area. >> they take effect for any length of time, they're going to have a major drag on our economy. >> reporter: but he also got an earful about congress itself and the endless cycle of budget crisis after budget crisis. >> if i don't meet a deadline, i'm either in breach of contract or i'm disqualified from a procurement. anybody else separate under those guidelines? and yet congress can keep pushing their deadline to the right. >> reporter: and tim adams points out if congress falls back on its previous move of kicking the can down the road, it will do nothing he says to
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remove the uncertainty government distributes are feeling. >> putting it down the street, push -- contractors are feeling. >> putting it down the street, pushing it down two months and not having a true resolution will not help us. >> reporter: for now all business owners can do is watch, wait and hope something gets done. in prince george's county, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. d.c. drivers will soon see a difference on their license plates. the plates will now say district of columbia instead of washington d.c. mayor gray announced the changes last week. the slogan taxation without representation will remain on the plates. it reflects the fact d.c. residents don't have voting representation in congress. coming up an amazing recovery after a bad accident. >> i just think it is the greatest surgery in that it gives patients back their lives. >> how doctors used a man's toe to reconstruct his hand next.
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an injury or accident can change a life in an instant, but as you're about to see, advances in medicine can sometimes restore what's been taken away. this story may shock you, might even make you a little squeamish, but it will show you how miracles can happen. here's fox 5's beth parker. >> reporter: this massive
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drill can cut through steel. >> like that, like you couldn't even pling your eyes. >> reporter: that's how fast iron worker and volunteer firefighter matt mcsherry lost his thumb last april. >> it caught the rag, rag wrapped around my thumb, pulled my thumb off. >> reporter: that's right. his entire thumb was torn off. >> absolute shock. i was like my thumb, that's not what i'm supposed to look at. >> reporter: just hours after the accident in bladensburg, maryland, dr. ryan katz and a team at curtis national hand center at medstar memorial hospital in baltimore tried to sew matt's thumb back on. it didn't work. >> this is dried skin graft, a large wound. here is the thumb, so it hasn't made it. >> reporter: but that is not where this story ends. thanks to dramatic advances in microvascular surgery matt had another option. >> it's a bit of a leap at first for people to consider taking a toe to rebuilt a thumb. >> reporter: until you take a closer look at your big toe.
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>> it looks like the thumb. it acts like a thumb. >> reporter: matt is young and active. remember he fights fires in his spare time. so he talked it over with his girl friend who is studying physical therapy and athletic training. >> my fiancee from her medical background is like if they're telling you you can have a thumb that will work just as good, if not better than if they had reattached your original thumb, you should go with it. >> reporter: so matt put his faith in dr. katz. >> dr. katz, yeah. he's the man. >> reporter: the man who stresses that this is not just a surgery. it's a process. first they had to attach matt's happened to his hip to grow extra -- hand to his hip to grow extra skin to sew the toe onto. he had to stay that way for about four weeks. >> just hang out with my hand on my hip. >> reporter: then on august 21st, 2012, the team removed matt's big toe and sewed it onto his hand. the complicated surgery took nearly nine hours. >> they actually took a pretty sizable chunk of vein out of my
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right ankle, skin from my left arm here and they used it all to reattach my thumb. >> reporter: it worked. >> here you can see an immediate postoperative setting with still more work to go how much more natural this looks. >> reporter: in later surgeries they trim the fat and the skin basically sculpt the toe to make it look more like a thumb and now just six months after matt's major toe thumb implant? >> i can do a little bit of that and i can come all the way down to here. >> reporter: he doesn't have all the feeling in his hand and it has been a difficult painful journey, but matt is back on the job. and back at the fire station in college park. here is what his foot looks like. >> i'll just never wear the flip-flops. >> reporter: but that's a small price to pay for the use of his hand. how grateful are you to these doctors?
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>> beyond. i can't even explain it. >> i'm always excited by this surgery. this surgery is everything to me. i just think it is the greatest surgery in that it gives patients back their lives. >> reporter: dr. katz's patients can button a shirt. >> that's hard to do without your thumb. >> reporter: matt has good balance. >> now i can walk, run, do whatever i need to do. >> if you can give them back form and function, it's a home run. >> reporter: matt gets a lot of questions from curious strangers. >> what happened to your thumb? actually that's my toe. my thumb was ripped off and they're like that's your toe in complete disbelief. >> reporter: at a glance you'd never know and that's the whole idea. in college park beth parker, fox 5 news. >> great story. >> fantastic. hard to believe tonight is the fool moon, such a crazy weekend. >> the moon was beautiful. a lot of people were talking about that tonight and at least
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we could see it. the clouds held off. clouds will be in here tomorrow night and you'll need your umbrella. it's mostly going to be a wet effect on us, but off to our west you'll have potential for icy accumulation along the interstate 81 corridor and the higher elevations above 1,000 feet. what are we looking at? probably a mostly dry morning and enough rain tomorrow afternoon and evening we have some flood watches. it means there is the potential. this is different than a flash flood watch. this is for streams and creeks and rivers that could potentially run high and you the typical roads that can flood with a lot of runoff. the ground is kind of hard. we've not only been cold but very dry. there will be runoff likely top afternoon. the evening commute i think is affected. now this winter weather advisory kicks in for the mountains and higher elevations west of us including washington county at 7 a.m.
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so you've got to be prepared you could have a combination of freezing rain and sleet, maybe a little snow, but we're much more concerned there will be an ice buildup, maybe enough to accumulate with the sleet and combination of snow and ice you get an inch in some areas, 1/10 of which could be ice. it's all coming from this big system which has been producing record snows for wichita. it may go down as the snowiest month ever in wichita with the back to back snowstorms. oklahoma had it real rough today and even in missouri st. louis is starting to get snow now, a lot of heavy rain to the south. this positioning is important because this part of the storm will redo and it will have access to the -- redevelop and it will have access to the atlantic ocean. there's a lot of moisture pulled into this thing tomorrow afternoon. we'll probably end up with about 1/2-inch or 1/4-inch.
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we have some spots to our west already in the 20s to near 30s, so we have to watch these areas in the morning because there could be some moisture getting in there sooner along interstate 81 you may have some freezing rain or sleet. it might start as sleet even in the district tomorrow afternoon and many of our areas in the surrounding communities, but it will quickly change over to rain. overnight temperatures upper 20s to low and mid-30s, 34 in the district. clouds will increase but suburbs will be colder. tomorrow 44 degrees. the wind out of the east tomorrow afternoon picks up. that is a damp wind and a moisture laden wind direction. we'll have that messy mix north and west, but rain here and prepare for not only the umbrellas, but the east wind will make it feel colder. so rather a raw day as the first area of low pressure weakens and a new one develops pulling in the rain and warm air aloft so that the icy mix is confined mainly to our north
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and west. this area of low pressure will zip away from us tomorrow night. wednesday will be mild, but we'll have another front that may squeeze out a few more showers later at night on wednesday. so we're kind of all over the place. we'll show you quickly the futurecast. at 1:00 tomorrow we still have rain to our south and west. some of that rain may be heavy. you can see some yellows and oranges for the evening rush hour, especially south and west of d.c. the snow, the pink and blue colors all confined to the west, and at 11:00 tomorrow night still raining here, should be gone by 7 a.m. wednesday, but then a couple more showers try to pop into the picture late wednesday. so wednesday's forecast on our fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast above 58 degrees, that ought to feel good after tomorrow. thursday a couple showers at 52 and then we're staying in the 40s for friday, saturday, sunday and monday. in fact, we're getting colder heading through the second part of the weekend into monday at 40 degrees. so not much spring in sight even though march is on the seven-day forecast now.
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that's it for weather. let's send it over to scott and see how the wizards and raptors did tonight. the wizards and raptors aren't exactly in the playoff conversation. they combine for fewer wins than the nba leading spurs, but records aside looking at the last few weeks they're two of the hotter teams in the leagues. both won six of their last eight games. one of the wizards losses came against toronto last week. tonight rematch at the air canada centre. in the late 3rd, averaging over 20 points per games over the last six games, wizards up five. spin move nene, bucket and foul, three-point play. the wizards with an 11 point lead. final minute trimmed to five. john wall wants to keep them separated, drives, finishes, 10 points, seven assists and a nice big smile. wizards top the raptors
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tonight. georgetown hoops cracked the a.p. top 10 for the seventh year. the hoyas up to seventh. rivieras named rookie of the week after 33 points last week against depaul and otto porter jr. conference player of the week. alexander semin is fifth on the caps all time goals list but is not missed in the blocker room. in an interview today caps winger troy brouwer said some nights he didn't even know if semin was going to come to the rink. semin and his current team visit the verizon center tomorrow. defenseman john erskine signed a two year extension and braden holtby secured through 2015 with a price tag of 3.7 million. holtby has won four games in six straight starts in the last two weeks with a save percentage of 925 happy to get the deal out of the way. >> i didn't really want to come
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down into a stressful summer. so i think that's the biggest thing to have that out of way and just focus on hockey now. it just feels good to have it done and now i can move forward. >> he's found his game again. he was off his game earlier in the year and that may happen going from the american league here and trying to adjust to a better league. so we like the way he's playing and what he can bring to the club obviously over the next few years. coming up the nats best pitcher last year takes the mound for the first time this spring in florida. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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the nats gio gonzalez is ready to put all that talk behind him and start be off his win season from a year ago, making the first of three starts before he departs for the world baseball classic. in the bottom of the 1st gio getting some defensive help in right field. the fly ball, the shallow outfield and check out corey brown, laying out making the sliding grab, beautiful. bottom of the 2nd gio sits down john, goes two scoreless innings, no hits, three strikeouts. top of the 4th lombardozzi with two r.b.i.s. nats win. and in hoops howard wins on the road over maryland eastern shore. brian is back to wrap things up
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because no one should be left out in the cold! the maryland jockey club announced mclemore will perform at preakness this year and also rapper pitbull will play on the main stage, preakness scheduled for saturday, may 18th at pimlico, hope to see you there. have a fantastic night, back
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